Trillium Esthetic and Hair Technology College

Body Treatment


Photo-cellulite Treatment - This is a complete cellulite treatment using light-based technology combined with vacuum subdermal massage. This treatment reduces cellulite and yields firmer, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Body Drainage Treatment - This treatment activates blood and lymphatic circulation by using drainage machine, with a relaxation massage.

Slimming Treatment (Abdomen & Thighs) - Body wrap activates blood and lymphatic circulation. It can treat cellulite and promote drainage, refines and recaptures your body figure.

Toning Treatment (Abdomen & Thighs) - Toning with Lympha-Tone with firming serum penetration. Regain firmness and contour.

Breast Firming Treatment - A breast firming and toning treatment with relaxation massage, using non-surgical Bio-lifting machine with firming serum.

Acne Scar Back Treatment - Reduces acne scar or even the complexions. At the same time treat you with an aromatherapy massage and mask.

Cellulite Treatment - This treatment uses the LCT with suction and light therapy to treat cellulite, pre and post surgery edema, heavy legs, muscular tension and poor circulation.

Removal of Mole / Skin Tag / Ruby Point