Trillium Esthetic and Hair Technology College

Eye Treatment

Eye Treatment
Clear Dark Circle Treatment - Reduce darkness around the eyes with Eyelid Special Serum & relaxation massage.

Collagen Eye Care Treatment - A eye treatment which gives hydration, lightening and tightening effect that restores collagen and elastine.

Bio-Lift Eye Treatment - Firming and contour the eye area using non-surgical Bio-lifting machine to reduce eye bags and wrinkle with firming serum and a nourishing eye mask.

Special Complete Eye Treatment - A complete eye treatment specializes for your eyes' skin actual needs. Treatment may combine a fine selection of: Collagen Eye Care Treatment/ Bio-Lift Eye Treatment/ Clear Dark Circle Treatment/ Micro Crystal Peeling Eye Treatment.

Permanent Make-up and Semi-permanent Make-up - permanent/semi-permanent eyebrow, eyelines, lip color.

Eyelash Perm - perm your lashes so you don't have to curl them.

Eyelash Extension - extend your lashes and they last.