Trillium Esthetic and Hair Technology College

Hairstyling Diploma

11 Courses

  1. Safety, Health & Sanitation          
  2. Hair Cutting
  3. Hair Styling            
  4. Waving & Straightening 
  5. Hair Coloring
  6. Treating Scalp and Hair
  7. Applying Wigs, Hairpieces and Hair Extension 
  8. Professional Image & Communication 
  9. Basic Make-up Techniques Level I 
  10. Skin Care I
  11. Salon Sales & Management
Course Description

Safety, Health & Sanitation
Sanitation is important to protect personal and public safety. Learn to properly sanitize different tools and equipments ensure maintenance of a clean work place.

Hair Cutting
Hair cutting is the basic fundamental skill required for a hairstylist. Professional and effective techniques to cut long or short hair will be taught, plus the use of different tools to create texture and body for the hair.

Hair Styling
Finishes style works hand in hand with hair cutting, it enhances the look and finish of the cut. It is also important for bridal parties, graduation and other special occasions. Learning to create up-dos and style hair using braiding, hot rollers, curling iron and blow dryer provide you with wider range of services you can offer.

Waving & Straightening
Today’s fashions tend changes all the time. To keep up with the trend, hairstylists must prepare to perform waving and straightening with different methods. Chemical waving or straightening, cold waves and heat wave are just some of the ways to create styles.

Hair Coloring
Coloring treatment can be given to various age groups to give depth and bring life to client’s hairstyle. In this subject students will learn color related operations, differences between semi-permanent colors and permanent colors. Hair coloring can transform a dull hairstyle to a trendy look.

Treating Scalp and Cleanse Hair
Treating the scalp and hair is a complete experience for your client. Proper treatments and applications should be a well-known area for a hairstylist. These include services such as conditioning agent and hot oil treatment.

Applying Wigs, Hairpieces and Hair Extension
Applying wigs, hairpieces and hair extension in different occasions are more common now then before. These important skills are needed to change image and look for your client in occasions such as parties and bridal events.

Professional Image & Communication
Learn to maintain professionalism at all time. Physical presentation, personality analysis and effective communication will all play an important role on success of your future. These are important skills that one cannot do without.

Basic Make-up Techniques Level I
This is the entry-level course for those wishing to enhance their make-up skills or for those about to embark on an exciting new career as a make-up artist. It is the ideal program for hairstylists, esthetician, beauty counter cosmeticians and photographers. Level I will enable them to confidently offer make-up services to their clients. Beginners will gain knowledge and skills necessary to become a make-up artist.

Skin Care I
Skin Care I is an introductory course to both our hair and skin care program. Student could waive this course if they are to advance to our skin care diploma programs. Students will able to perform a basic facial involving cleaning, exfoliating and mask application. They will facilitate themselves with equipment such as streamer, vacuum section and brushing machine.

Salon Sales & Management
The success of your salon depends on your reception duties and management skills. Besides physical presentation, personal presentation and management skills directly affect the image of your salon. It is important to learn to provide a professional attitude and perform retail sales properly to generate and improve sales. A well-managed salon ensures your ongoing success.