Trillium Esthetic and Hair Technology College

Course Description


Skin Care I
This is an introductory course to our skin care program. Student will be able to perform a basic facial involving cleaning, exfoliating and mask application. Students will also facilitate themselves with equipments such as streamer, vacuum suction and brushing machine.

Skin Care II
This is the continuous course to Skin Care I. We will cover topics on advance skin care and will practice using state of the art esthetic equipments. Students are expected to perform skin analysis and apply correct procedures using specific product and equipments. This course enables students to correct and improve skin problems.

Professional Make-up Artistry I
This is an entry-level course for those who want to enhance their make-up skills or for those who want to embark on an exciting new career as a top professional make-up artist. It is an ideal program for hairstylists, estheticians, beauty counter cosmeticians and photographers. Level I will enable them to confidently offer make-up services to their clients. Beginners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a make-up artist.

Professional Make-up Artistry II
This course is for those seriously interested in becoming a freelance make-up artist. Professional products, theory, applications and business knowledge needed to succeed as an artist in film, television, theatre, videos, commercials, fashion, photography and bridal are taught in class.

Manicure is a service that requested by customers the most. Students will understand the structure, growth, disorders, and disease of nails. Techniques in manicure, spa manicures, French manicure and relaxing message for manicure are being taught and practice throughout the course.

Pedicure is a continuous course of manicure. Similar theory and techniques are being taught and practice in class but specifically on the correct applications on feet.

Nail Extension
This is a continuous course for manicure. Student will learn techniques for nail extension such as coatings, tips, different sculpture nails, and follow up fillings.

Anatomy of the hair and the hair growth cycles are the base for learning hair removal. Using wax for hair removal is a very common practice, students will be introduce to different products on the market and their use on waxing. After understanding the proper use of wax heather and safety precaution, student will practice waxing treatment using hard and liquid wax for face and different parts of the body.

Professional Body Care
This course is a must have for all esthetician and for those who want to apply for the Holistic Practitioner license. Students have to be familiar with our different body systems and be able to perform figure diagnosis. They will practice using different techniques and equipment to perform toning and slimming treatments.

Aromatherapy Body Care
Aromatherapy is a trend in the esthetic field. Student will learn the origin, history, use, and benefit of essential oils. Proper use of essential oil is important to facilitate and maximize its effect on different part of our body. Student will familiar themselves with correct procedure for aromatherapy body massage and use of essential oil and equipment on lymphatic drainage.

Aromatherapy Facials
As describe above, student will learn the origin, history, use, and benefit of essential oils. This course will emphasize on the use of different essential oils on face care and facial problem corrections. Proper procedure for Aromatherapy Facial Treatment and relaxation massage for face will be taught.

Eyelash Perm
Many busy ladies welcome eyelash Perm nowadays. Student will learn to apply curling tubes, special curling lotions and manage timing to achieve the best and prolonged look at the same time.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove hair permanently. We use the state of the art "Diode" system as our teaching system. After thorough understanding of Laser and Electrology, student will learn precaution preparation and Laser hair removal technique theoretically and practically. Post treatment and duration of application will finalize this course.

Permanent Cosmetic Micro-Pigmentation
Permanent Cosmetic Micro-Pigmentation is a process that inserts pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and permanently form the makeup designated. Different techniques can be used to provide different outcome. Most requested permanent makeup procedures are eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip liners.

Product Knowledge
Estheticians must be able to differentiate products in the market and to determine the correct product to be use on their clients. It is important to know the formulations, active ingredients, and product chemistry. Student will be introduced to products for specific skins types and conditions, and the use of natural and synthetic products.

Salon Sales & Management
A well-run salon is the basis for success. We will go through the setting up of a salon step by step from registration, planning, maintaining records, administration, use of professionals, inventory control, and bookkeeping, etc. People skill and physical setting are also important to ensure a salon of on-going efficiency and effectiveness.

Specialized Character Make-up
This is a special course designed for professional make-up artist to create specified character make-ups for film, television, and stage. Make-up is used to create special effects on body and face. Special materials like latex, bald caps, gelatin, and hairpiece will be used to teach in class.

Prosthetic and Special Effects
This course introduces the student to lab techniques involved in creating prosthetic make-up appliances and in the application of foam latex pieces. Character dental pieces will also be taught. This course is perfect for the artist that likes to get creative, down and dirty in a laboratory. In order to work in the film and television industry it is not necessary for the make-up artist to create their own pieces, but they must have an understanding of the processes involved and be able to apply the appliances to the actor.

Hair Styling for Make-up Artists
In order to work as a make-up artist in fashion, bridal, photography, commercials and videos, you must also be able to style the hair that matches the make-up. This course teaches you how to create different looks on long and short hair. Preparing hair, applying, and taking care of a wig or a hair extension are also taught. (This course concentrates on styling and does not cover cutting, coloring or perming on hair)

A facial exfoliation procedure in which the skin is sprayed with ultra-fine crystals to remove the top layer of skin to give instant result of more radiance skin and help reduce pigmentation, acne scar, wrinkles etc. This is most popular treatment being requested today.

Hot Stone Therapy
The Hot Stone Therapy combines the using of smooth, dark, heated stones and special massage techniques to relieve stiffness, soreness, and restore energy. This is one of the most popular treatments requested in spas.

Ear Candle Therapy
This therapy is originated from the 'Hopi' Indians in Arizona, USA. Ear Candling is a gentle, safe and non-intrusive method of earwax removal. Ear Candling balances the internal and external pressure in the ear, it is very helpful in assisting the treatment of ear infections, buzzing or ringing in the ears.

Acupressure is a fingertip massage that frees the body’s different energy channels for a relaxing and energizing treatment for face and neck.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting
Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is a coloring procedure that allows one to enhance the look of the eyebrow and eyelash. It saves time and can match one’s preferred hair color. This is a must know course for all esthetician.

Eyelash Perm and Eyelash Extension
Many busy ladies welcome eyelash Perm nowadays. Student will learn to apply curling tubes, special curling lotions and manage timing to achieve the best and prolonged look at the same time. Eyelash extension enables one to choose the length and density of eyelashes they want, they look like natural lashes and can wear day and night without smudging. It is a real solution for all ladies.

Personal Make-up
Appropriate use of make-up on different occasions can enhance your appearance and self-confidence. This one day workshop can get you to know yourself. You will be able to differentiate the correct and incorrect use and application of different kinds of make-up, as well as, the colors that works for you.