Trillium Esthetic and Hair Technology College

Profession Make-up and Special Effects Artistry Diploma

5 Courses
1. Professional Make-up Artistry I
2. Professional Make-up Artistry II
3. Special Hair Styling by Make-up Artists
4. Specialized Character Make-up
5. Prosthetics and Special Effects

Course Description

Professional Make-up Artistry I
This is an entry-level course for those who want to enhance their make-up skills or for those who want to embark on an exciting new career as a top professional make-up artist. It is an ideal program for hairstylists, estheticians, beauty counter cosmeticians and photographers. Level I will enable them to confidently offer make-up services to their clients. Beginners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a make-up artist.

Professional Make-up Artistry II
This course is for those seriously interested in becoming a freelance make-up artist. Professional products, theory, applications and business knowledge needed to succeed as an artist in film, television, theatre, videos, commercials, fashion, photography and bridal are taught in class.

Specialized Character Make-up
This is a special course designed for professional make-up artist to create specified character make-ups for film, television, and stage. Make-up is used to create special effects on body and face. Special materials like latex, bald caps, gelatin, and hairpiece will be used to teach in class.

Prosthetic and Special Effects
This course introduces the student to lab techniques involved in creating prosthetic make-up appliances and in the application of foam latex pieces. Character dental pieces will also be taught. This course is perfect for the artist that likes to get creative, down and dirty in a laboratory. In order to work in the film and television industry it is not necessary for the make-up artist to create their own pieces, but they must have an understanding of the processes involved and be able to apply the appliances to the actor.

Hair Styling for Make-up Artists
In order to work as a make-up artist in fashion, bridal, photography, commercials and videos, you must also be able to style the hair that matches the make-up. This course teaches you how to create different looks on long and short hair. Preparing hair, applying, and taking care of a wig or a hair extension are also taught. (This course concentrates on styling and does not cover cutting, coloring or perming on hair)